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Creating Flexible Menu Bar using Beaver Builder Menu Module

Flexible Menu Bar

Flexible Menu When there’s only space to display some of the items in the menu, the rest of the items collapse into a “More” drop-down. See the video at below: Here I am sharing the steps and snippets. Make sure that you already installed the following tools: WordPress Beaver Builder Plugin (Standard/Pro/Agency) Beaver Builder Theme…


Animated Hamburger Icon in Menu Module

Animated Hamburger Icon in Menu module

You are using the Menu module and trying to get this effect in your mobile menu. You already spent lot of hours and stuck or frustrated to do it. Here is the simple solution for you. Make sure that you already installed the Beaver Builder plugin and created the site menu using BB menu module.…


Full Screen Overlay Menu with Beaver Builder Plugin

Do you want to show the full screen overlay menu on click of a hamburger menu button? You can easily implement such overlay menu using the Beaver Builder Plugin. Organizing the JS and CSS file First organizing the all dependencies for full screen overlay menu functionality. 1. Click on the “Download” button and save the…



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