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Select Themer Header From Customizer

Select Header From Customizer

Original Request: How do your client select the different themer header if client does not have access to themer? One of my customers are asked this. In this tutorial I am sharing the scripts for it. Minimum Requirements: Beaver Theme Beaver Builder Plugin Beaver Theme Builder


Controlling Beaver Button Module’s Default Color from Theme Customizer

Controlling Default Button Color

Original Request Another tutorial request! Referencing the below tutorial: Would be great if instead of hard-coding the colors, they could be taken from the theme customizer’s Accent Colors for example…? Adding the new color settings controls ( like text color, hover color, background color, background hover color etc) under Beaver theme customizer’s Accent Color…


Overwrite the existing preset’s value using PHP

How do you modify the value of existing preset in Beaver Builder Theme? You are activating the BB child theme and default value of a preset is modifying automatically without open the theme customizer. In this article I am showing how you will do this via PHP. Assuming that you will modify the default value…



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