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Controlling Beaver Button Module’s Default Color from Theme Customizer

Controlling Default Button Color

Original Request Another tutorial request! Referencing the below tutorial: Would be great if instead of hard-coding the colors, they could be taken from the theme customizer’s Accent Colors for example…? Adding the new color settings controls ( like text color, hover color, background color, background hover color etc) under Beaver theme customizer’s Accent Color…


Full Screen Overlay Menu with Beaver Builder Plugin

Do you want to show the full screen overlay menu on click of a hamburger menu button? You can easily implement such overlay menu using the Beaver Builder Plugin. Organizing the JS and CSS file First organizing the all dependencies for full screen overlay menu functionality. 1. Click on the “Download” button and save the…


How do you add the default colors in Button module?

I was working on a site which have same color of button on lot of pages. By default button module have blank color under style->color section. So every time I was setting the color and it was very frustrated work for me. Therefore I can create a general template and add the button module there.…


How do I add the search icon into the search form?

Adding the search icon as a search button into the Beaver Builder child theme’s search form. Beaver Builder theme is enqueuing the Font Awesome CSS. So I am using Font Awesome for search icon. Sharing the complete steps what I did on my site (see the search widget at right sidebar). Step 1 Copy the…



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