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Different Beaver Themer header on scroll

Different Beaver Themer Header Layout

Do you want the different Beaver Themer header layouts on scroll at your site? First header layout will replace with second new header layout when user will do the down scroll. Are you wanting this? Here is the simple tutorial about this. Follow the step by step instructions at below. Minimum Requirement WordPress Beaver Themer…


Sticky Header on Medium & Small Devices

Sticky Header on Mobile Devices

Sticky header effect for mobile device is a bad idea. It is occupying the extra spaces and visitors are not getting the much spaces for reading the content. But some user are wanting this effect for some sites. This tutorial will help them. I did following logic: Getting sticky header on up scroll Hiding it on down…


Getting Animated Hamburger Icon on Beaver Builder Theme

Do you want the animated hamburger icon for you mobile menu on Beaver Builder theme? You can easily do it with current mobile menu button. Before implementing this functionality you will keep a backup of your child theme. Let’s follow the instruction at below: Setting the Responsive Nav Toggle Type Login to Dashboard, navigate to…


Adding Footer Reveal Effect into Beaver Builder Footer

What is the footer reveal? footer-reveal.js is a jQuery plugin which allows you to apply that great ‘fixed/reveal’ effect to your footer quickly and easily. Source – Creating the footer layout using Beaver Themer Beaver Themer – A new member of Beaver Builder product family is giving the extra control of your website. You can…



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