Smart Settings UI Add-on for Beaver Builder Plugin

Smart Settings UI Addon

Smart Settings UI is a Beaver Builder's third party add-on which is providing the flexible functionality for your page builder layouts. With this add-on you can do the following functionality

  1. You can edit/delete/copy/move/reset width of individual row
  2. You can edit/delete/copy of individual column
  3. You can edit/delete/copy of individual module. It is supporting the third party module's like UABB, PowerPack and any other's modules.
  4. You can delete multiple rows at a time.
  5. At a time you can edit the margins/padding of multiple columns
  6. You can set visibility option. Currently there have five types: Breakpoint, Draft, Schedule date, Expire date and Visible between date range.
    1. Breakpoints: You will set the range (min width and max width). If a device's width is falling in that range, row or column will appear. So this would be powerful tools for responsive design.
    2. Draft: You can save a row or column as draft mode. So public visitors will not see it on the page. Assume you are doing a live conversation with client and trying to see the working progress from live page, then you can set the row(s)/column(s) as draft mode. Only you and your client will see it. Also you can use it for other case. You have some times for modification on a live page. You can set the edited rows as draft and do the work. Later you can publish for public users.
    3. Schedule: Concept is same as WP post's schedule feature. You can set some parts of a layout as a schedule mode. When current date is reaching to schedule time, those parts will automatically publish for public visitors.
    4. Expire Date: Row(s), column(s), module(s) will be disappeared after expire date.
    5. Date Range: You can setup the date range. After that row(s), column(s) or module(s) will be visible between that date range.
  7. z-index
  8. Copy or Delete the column group
  9. CSS editor for individual module
  10. Import/Export settings from one row/column/module to another row(s)/column(s)/module(s)

Move/Edit/Copy/Reset/Delete A Row

Click on the play button and checkout the functionality.

Deleting Multiple Rows

In Beaver Builder you can't delete multiple rows at a time. Smart Settings UI addon is giving the nice interface for it. See the video at below:

Creates Responsive Design for Any Device

Now you can make the responsive design for any device size. This add-on is adding the small feature "visibility". See the small demo at below. Click on the play button.

Copying or Deleting A Column Group

Before it was impossible to make a copy/duplicate or delete of a column group. You were duplicating a row. Now it is very easy and you can create multiple column groups inside a row by a single click.


  1. Gabriele on November 30, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    Hi, for the scheduled rows…is it also possible to hide the row reached by a scheduled date?
    I.E. when current date is reaching to schedule time, those parts will automatically HIDE for public visitors.

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