Overwrite the existing preset’s value using PHP

How do you modify the value of existing preset in Beaver Builder Theme? You are activating the BB child theme and default value of a preset is modifying automatically without open the theme customizer. In this article I am showing how you will do this via PHP.

Assuming that you will modify the default value of “Default Dark” preset.

Step 1

Creating the new PHP file “class-customizer-defaults.php” and putting into bb child theme’s classes folder. Now open the file and add the following PHP snippet:

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Step 2:

Open the functions.php of BB child theme and add the following PHP code below this line require_once ‘classes/class-fl-child-theme.php’;

require_once 'classes/class-customizer-defaults.php';

Now navigate to Dashboard->Appearance->Themes page and activate the BB child theme. Default value of “Default Dark” preset will overwrite with yours one automatically.


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