Implementing the FacetWP plugin on Themer WooCommerce category archive page

Filtering the products with FacetWP

FacetWP is a advanced filtering plugin for WordPress sites. In this article I am showing you how you will add the FacetWP filters on Beaver Themer category archive page. I created the WooCommerce category archive page with Beaver Themer add-on and filtering the product item based on custom attributes.

Follow the steps at below…

Installing the FacetWP Plugin

FacetWP is a third party paid plugin. You will buy it from here and install it on your server. Next you will download this add-on Beaver Builder Integration and install on your site. We are using the Beaver Builder Plugin and Beaver Themer. So we need this Beaver Builder Integration add-on  also.

Installing WooCommerce and Creating the Attributes

I shall filter the products. So I am using the popular e-commerce plugin “WooCommerce”. It is free and you will download it from’s plugin repository. After installing the plugin we shall create some custom attributes and assign them to products.

  • Login to Dashboard
  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Attributes page
  • Add New Attributes
    • Enter name
    • Enter slug
    • Enable Archives checkbox (optional)
    • Setup sort order (optional)
    • Click on Add Attribute button
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