Creating Events Ticket Listing Page

Ticket Listings Page

In this article I am showing how you will create the tickets listings page with Beaver Builder plugin. Here I am making the listings with Book Now registration button. If you have any third party booking form or will want to add with WooCommerce product details page or checkout form, then this kind of layout is very helpful for your site.

Following tools I used:

  1. Beaver Builder Plugin
  2. PODS Plugin ( I used the PODS plugin for CPT and custom fields. You can use Advanced Custom Fields plugin & create the CPT with manual code)

Lets discuss about full steps here. Assuming that you already installed the above two plugins on your site.

Creating Tickets Post Type

I’m creating the ticket custom post type and some custom fields with PODS. If you have events data you can avoid this process and show them on listings page.

Now adding the tickets content one by one

  1. Navigate to Dashboard-> Tickets->Add new
  2. Enter the title
  3. Enter the venue
  4. Enter date & time
  5. Enter price or you can leave it if it is free for users
  6. Enter booking/payment details page URL or free registration URL
  7. Click on Publish button

You will follow same process for rest of the tickets.

Add Ticket

Rest of the contents are only available to members. You must subscribe the MEMBERSHIP plan. You already subscribe the plan? Login at below.



  1. info on April 18, 2018 at 9:01 am


    I think there is an error on shortcode

    ‘post_sttaus’ => ‘publish’,

  2. info on April 13, 2018 at 9:44 pm


    I’m following all the tutorial but the shortcode is not working.

    This is my shortcode

    [my_event_tickets paidticket=”2013″]

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