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Indexing the terms alphabetically

In this article I am showing how you will create a index page with selected taxonomy’s terms. I created a module and sharing it with my members. It is very helpful if your site have lot of terms like post tags. As a example it will be very suitable for foodie kind of sites. Because…


Filtering the Accordion Contents with Search Keyword

In this article I am showing how you will filter the FAQs page with search keyword. Here I built the FAQs page with Beaver Builder’s accordion module and added the search form with HTML module. Later I connected the search form with accordion module and filtering the content. See the full steps at below: Creating…


Creating Events Ticket Listing Page

My Tickets

In this article I am showing how you will create the tickets listings page with Beaver Builder plugin. Here I am making the listings with Book Now registration button. If you have any third party booking form or will want to add with WooCommerce product details page or checkout form, then this kind of layout…


Creating Testimonials Layout with CPT and Beaver Builder

Testimonials Layout

In this article I am showing how you will dynamically display the custom post types content in page builder. I created a custom post type “Testimonials” and some custom fields like name, photo, testimonial with Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Later I created a Testimonials page with Beaver Builder and displayed the testimonials. Here is my…


Adding Hover Image Field in Photo Module

How do you show the alternate image on hover using official Photo module? In this article I am showing how you will show the new image on hover with zoom effect. See the video for live effect Creating Hover Image Fields into Settings From Creating two new photo upload fields into Photo module’s settings form.…



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