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Indexing the terms alphabetically

In this article I am showing how you will create a index page with selected taxonomy’s terms. I created a module and sharing it with my members. It is very helpful if your site have lot of terms like post tags. As a example it will be very suitable for foodie kind of sites. Because…


Smart Settings UI Add-on for Beaver Builder Plugin

Smart Settings UI Addon

Smart Settings UI is a Beaver Builder’s third party add-on which is providing the flexible functionality for your page builder layouts. With this add-on you can do the following functionality You can edit/delete/copy/move/reset width of individual row You can edit/delete/copy of individual column You can edit/delete/copy of individual module. It is supporting the third party…


Adding Datetimepicker JQuery API at Settings form

Date Time Picker JQuery Api

DateTimePicker is a JQuery plugin which is adding the datepicker or timepicker dropdown to your forms. In this article I am sharing how you will add this API with BB’s settings form’s text field. See the step by step procedure at below: Download the DateTimePicker API At first download the master zip file from Github. Extract…


Creating Toggle Pricing Table with Row Piling Module

How do you build the toggle pricing table with Beaver Builder plugin? In this article I am showing how you will create toggle pricing table with beaver builder custom module. Here I am using the BB third party module “Simple Row Piling”. Download & Install the Module Simple Row Piling is a premium Beaver Builder…


Creating Full Screen Overlay Search Form

Download & Install Full-screen Overlay Content Module In this tutorial I am using the premium plugin Full-Screen Overlay Content module. After purchase the module, you will download the product file from confirmation mail (check your inbox) or My Account page. Now install the plugin from WordPress Plugin screen. Creating Search Form Creating a search form…


Dividing A Full Height Row Into Two 50-50 Height Rows

Full width 50-50 height rows

Original Message: Hi all, I’m using beaver theme. I’m using 2 horizontal colum in full height mode with this code .col-full-height .fl-col-content { min-height: 50vh; } In first horizontal colum (black one) I need to insert an image and to put in the middle of the black section. In second horizontal column (yellow one) I…



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