Beaver Builder Theme

Overwrite the existing preset’s value using PHP

How do you modify the value of existing preset in Beaver Builder Theme? You are activating the BB child theme and default value of a preset is modifying automatically without open the theme customizer. In this article I am showing how you will do this via PHP. Assuming that you will modify the default value…


Combine Top Bar Menu with Header Menu

Do you want to combine the top bar menu items into header menu items for mobile device in Beaver Builder Theme? Top bar menu of BB theme is not looking good on small device. In this article I am showing how you will combine it with toggle menu items. Enabling the Top Bar and Adding…


Creating Flexible Menu Bar using Beaver Builder Menu Module

Flexible Menu Bar

Flexible Menu When there’s only space to display some of the items in the menu, the rest of the items collapse into a “More” drop-down. See the video at below: Here I am sharing the steps and snippets. Make sure that you already installed the following tools: WordPress Beaver Builder Plugin (Standard/Pro/Agency) Beaver Builder Theme…


Sticky Header on Medium & Small Devices

Sticky Header on Mobile Devices

Sticky header effect for mobile device is a bad idea. It is occupying the extra spaces and visitors are not getting the much spaces for reading the content. But some user are wanting this effect for some sites. This tutorial will help them. I did following logic: Getting sticky header on up scroll Hiding it on down…



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