Auto Load Next Single Post on Scroll Using Beaver Builder Theme

Automatically load the next post


It simply automatically loads the next post on your blog once the user has reached the bottom of the initial post the viewer is reading and repeats the process as the user reads your content until there are no more posts to load.


In this tutorial I used following tools:

Install & Activate the Auto Load Next Post Plugin

At first we need this third party free plugin “Auto Load Next Post”. So you will install & activate it on your site.

  1. Login to your site dashboard
  2. Navigate to Plugins ->Add new page
  3. Enter “Auto Load Next Post” into the search input field
  4. Plugin will display at top
  5. Click on Install Now button
  6. Activate the plugin by clicking on Active button

Settings The Correct Theme Selectors

After activating the plugin we need to setup the theme selectors. By default Beaver Builder theme is not compatible with this plugin. We shall make it compatible from plugin’s settings page. Follow the steps at below:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Auto Load Next Post
  2. You will redirect to Plugin’s settings page
  3. Setup the theme selectors like attached image
    Theme Selectors - Auto Load Next Post Plugin
  4. MISC settings
    Misc Settings - Auto Load Next Post Plugin
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